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OEMS, market making and arbitrage strategies, smart order router, custom bots, single API for execution to top exchanges and a redundancy framework to run strategies

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Market Making

Our goal is to ensure your token is kept liquid across multiple exchanges at the market fair price. We can get you up and running within a week and have very competitive rates and no upfront integration fees. Furthermore, there is no need to deposit funds with us — you keep full control of your capital. And at all times you have full oversight of what the bots are doing through either our Telegram interface or margin's trading terminal.

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Dynamic Hedging

Whether you are a crypto hedge fund, VC or token project you might want to reduce your crypto exposure. We can connect to a variety of sources from centralised exchanges to smart contracts in order to detect, in real time, changes in balances. Our hedger then uses a sophisticated trailing profit and stop loss module to efficiently close any exposure and can take advantage of market inefficiencies to generate alpha.

Unified API Layer

One of the reoccurring issues that we hear about is the difficulty of maintaining API connections to cryptocurrency exchanges. We heard you and we are here to help. We've built a unified API (MMC), which provides connectivity and execution to every exchange we support - if you need one we don't have it can be added quickly! The MOR API allows you to receive aggregated orderbooks from multiple exchanges and execute smart order routing and cross exchange arbitrage. Nuances such as API polling limits, alignment of token names (e.g., XBT on Kraken) and differences in minimum trading amounts etc. are all handled. And in times of stress when websocket connections go down we have mechanisms that fallback to REST to ensure that your orders get away.

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Advanced OEMS

margin built the first dedicated cryptocurrency trading terminal back in early 2014. Initially we only connected to BTC-e and Bitstamp, but our idea was to have a unified interface to multiple exchanges. The terminal is written in C++ and can be run on Windows, macOS and Linux. The philosophy from the start was to provide a very visual experience and to make interaction with your orders as easy as drag n' drop. It has multi-monitor support so that professional traders can configure their optimum setup and comes pre-loaded with technical indicators, drawing tools, integrated twitter and Reddit feeds.

Redundancy Framework

It's one thing to have a great trading strategy that makes a profit, but another thing to ensure that it stays running 24/7 in crypto markets that never sleep. We have built a decentralised peer-to-peer fully redundant framework that switches leader nodes if for some reason trading is not possible on the current active node. This, coupled with telegram bots that provide notifications and an interface to allow changes to be quickly made, gives you the peace of mind you need to trade with notoriously unreliable crypto exchanges.

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Smart Order Router

Liquidity is spread thinly across many exchanges, but with margin's aggregated orderbooks you have access to deep liquidity and the perfect tool for OTC desks to offer best price for thousands of crypto tokens. We have built a Smart Order Router that is fund aware and takes into account exchange fees and orderbook depth to compute best price execution. A larger order can be placed with a single click in which the optimum order split is calculated and multiple orders are triggered simultaneously ensuring no front running can occur.

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Arbitrage Explorer

Building on our aggregated orderbook liquidity we are in a position to be able to offer advanced arbitrage tools, both in the terminal itself and as custom bots in our redundant framework. We traverse exchange orderbooks and take into account trading fees to ensure profitable trades are executed. Furthermore we handle canonicalisation of token names to ensure alignment of orderbooks (e.g. Kraken's XBT liquidity is treated as BTC liquidity).

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Custom Bots

Whether you have built your own alpha generating bot and want access to over 30 exchanges through margin’s API or you want us to develop a bot for you, let’s have a call to discuss your needs. We have a very experienced team that can tailor a solution to your exact needs and can get you up and running very quickly. If you want to reduce your crypto exposure and trade in a market neutral way you can combine a custom bot with margin’s hedging product. We’ve got you covered!

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